Oink! I recently lost my sunglasses. But I found them back in the vineyards, can you oink that?

To make me feel better, I decided to make the best Merloink-oink from my region especially for you. Next time I lose my sunglasses, I will oink you and we will have such a great time together looking for them. Meanwhile, why don’t you just take me home now already and oink along with me!

I come from the south of France and as you can see I am stylish, elegant, fruity with a hint of spice and sunglasses. I go well with white meat, poultry, cheese, pasta, snacks, lamb, barbecue. I am cool so enjoy me at... let's say around 18°C - 64°F.  Oink !

Factsheet Merloink-oink

Enjoy this quality unwooded IGP Pays d'Oc Merlot, made and bottled in the beautiful Languedoc - Roussillon region in the south of France.

pbf merl